Friday, January 20, 2012

Making Money Online. What Frustration. Not Any More.

Making money online can be one of the hardest tasks to a newbie online marketer. You get your self a website with high hopes of making it big time. Yes, I just sent a email ad out to 100,000 people telling them about my products or services. Now I am sitting back waiting on all of those sells to come rolling in. I check my email every day for all of those sell notification but day 30 is here and not even one single sell? Not to make fun, I have been in those shoes before my friend. Let me tell you some of my horror stories,lol.

I first started to out online in the year 2000. Boy was my head filled with fantasy riches and dreams,lol. I first started with affiliate products buying all kinds of email submitters and safe list. I started sending one email ad after another, but months went on with absolutely no sells. I had spent well over $1000 and got absolutely nothing in return. So I told mu self, I said self, those affiliate products must not be any good and that I needed my own website and products. OK, here we go again, I started buying domains, learning how to use those complicated site builders and buying down loadable digital products to resell on my website. Oh it was on now, I told my self, once again spending $1000's on email advertising and after 2 months only one sell and I had to refund it, because the product that I had bad several hundred dollars for did not no longer work. Oh but this is not the worst of it yet. I searched around for another product to resell on my website  and again spent several more $1000 on the glorious email advertising campaigns. This time I made 3 sells, $190.00 in revenue, no comparison to the $1000's I had lost. I was absolutely thrilled! Thrilled at what you may ask,lol.

So now it was on again, I just had to find another way to promote my website. Two years had passed and I finally had 3 sells.  It is now 2002. So low and behold I got myself a Google Adwords account. Not knowing one single thing about adwords, I set my account and followed all of Google Adwords instructions, yes even their recommended bids. Ok, its all set up now I told myself, now all I have to do is go about my daily events because I am about to get rich on total autopilot,lol was I to be a big fool. I figured I would let them run for 1 week then check my analytics. Well the 4 days went by and boom, I got a sell notification, I was so excited thinking in my mind that this was it. On the 7th day, I had no more sell notifcations so I decided I had better check my analytics in my adwords account.Let me tell you this, when I logged into my account the first thing that I saw was $8,903.00. My heart almost stopped and i told myself, I had made this much money and only got one payment notification? Then I looked again, that was my bill for the week with Google Adsense and I really almost passed out. So I called them to see if there was a mistake, and they said no mistake here. I did not even have 1/3 of what I needed to pay them, so I called to make some kind of arrangements. No arrangements accepted, they begin to debt my bank account putting me in extreme over draft. I sold my car to pay them off and I said to myself, stop what you are doing before you bankrupt yourself. So I did for about 3 months, I had to do extra jobs to get back on my feet after that. But still the thought of making a lot of money online was still lingering on in my mind, stupid you may say, but it was real.

So I told myself, I said self, there has got to be a way to make money online and how could any one afford adwords. So here we go again, I started taking search marketing classes and boy did I see where I went wrong. After mastering the skill, I started looking for other ways to get traffic. Once I tested my new skills I begin to finally see real profits online at little to no cost to me at all. I was thinking in 2004, now that I have learned all of this and the right way to go , maybe I could start a online service to help others and keep them from experiencing what I had gone through.

So I did just that. I formed and founded a company called G.E.A. a search marketing & PPC management co. It has worked great for me and my clients since and this is 2012! But during a successful 2011 I still was not content. I wanted to invent a quick way to get traffic to websites,blogs,etc. absolutely free. So one day I was testing blogs that I had wrote in which I was not promoting them at all and they got very few visitors I came begin to check the stats on my blog in which I think I had 8 visitors,but as I was doing this, I just out of curiosity I clicked on one of the referral links in my stats and low and behold I realized that this was from another URL . I decided to write a blog about one of my websites and once I published it and viewed it I put the link on one of my websites. I went there and clicked on the link and there was my blog. So I went back to my blog account, checked my stats and boom there was the URLof the website that I placed the link on and clicked on planted into my stats. I really got to thinking and researching blog stats. I found that over 100 million blogs are hosted daily. Then I went to dreaming again as you might say. How can I tap into that traffic force.After researching and studying about this for over 3 months I figured out how to tap into this traffic source just by making a few clicks daily. Yes, I contacted my old college and told him I had solved the mystery. Once I began discussing this with him he practically changed the subject, He though I had absolutely lost my mind,lol. I needed his help desperately to build this special traffic button that any one could add to their sites or blogs to get free traffic from this awesomely huge traffic source. So he said he would get back to me. A couple of days pasted and I did not hear from him. So I called him back and asked what the hold up was. He said, were you serious about that? lol. I said absolutely. so he said ok and started building a special rotation system that I asked him to build. Once he was finished, he sent it over to me with a big smiley face on it, with a note saying good luck my friend,lol. Once I finished it up and tested it for the first time, quess what happened? It worked  10 times greater than I ever imagined that it would, so I just couldn't, I had to send a copy over to my college and asked him to try it out on his blogsite and he did, again with a big fat smiley face,lol. The next day he called me in total amazement, this thing does work!! and works absolutely awesome. So we tested it for a few more weeks, the more we tested it the better it got, our traffic and conversions increased 100% and it did not cost us anything.

I just could not hardly wait to get this on the market, to make money of coarse,but also to solve a lot of online marketers traffic and conversion problems. So I put a quick website and guess what? Out of 2000 visitors only 2 purchased the traffic button, I was absolutely shocked, I just knew this would be a big seller because it was finally something online that worked, and worked even better than we had anticipated. I guess every one has been burned so by the gurus with their fancy high dollar video's and website promising them the moon that they were just like my college, very skeptical and in gulped in dis belief. Which I would say is normal. Any way the traffic button is working better and better each day and yes the traffic button sales page is still there. We have found good use for our traffic button in our new programs work place at EZ Wealth Network. Once it is live it will be a network of people working together each day to build their recurring empires. Like I always have said, when a multitude of people come together in one place each day, they can move mountains, so why not let them come together to build great wealth together?

Oh by the way, if you will look to your right on this blog you will see that I have my traffic button planted here, and if you would like to see it work and get me some more free traffic, just click on it a few times, and if you do thank you for being a sport and thank you for the free traffic it will bring. Hope you enjoyed my story.

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