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Friday, September 14, 2012

EZ Wealth Network Review

By Mike Banacheck: I'm compelled to writing this review of EZ Wealth Network in response to many of the inquiries I have received over several months regarding the integrity...Being a successful online marketer for the better part of a decade I receive many requests regarding scores of online businesses as to the viability, integrity, legitimacy etc. The problem is that it's impossible to address all the concerns from the folks germane to online businesses cropping up by the millions, so it seems. Ergo, I must pick my spots (because time is money) in terms of breaking down an online business. Frankly, reviewing EZ Wealth Network is time well spent because indeed, there's quite a buzz surrounding it and I certainly believe in helping the folks make a wise decision in terms of moving forward with or without... Let me be clear on one thing I have absolutely no vested interest in this opportunity nor do I plan on having an interest, because I already have many irons in the fire insofar as my concerns go. But, by the same token there are millions of people who aren't successful online marketers or who are entertaining the idea of jumping in the deep end in terms of starting an online venture. What's more are in the dark in consonance with what's what on the internet in terms of having a fighting chance at creating an income that may turn into something that will liberate them in terms of their finances---namely "financial freedom". One of the central reasons I'm a successful online marketer is due to the fact that I'm a no nonsense guy that does not fall prey to all the bells and whistles in life let alone online business in all its manifestations. I'm a bottom line guy and all I ask of any online business? Is this a genuine opportunity that if I work it... I will have a real shot at seeing some solid results. Look, there are no guarantees of "get rich quick", "fire your boss", "quit your job in 30 days"---I think you get my drift...This is all marketing hype in order to hook you into the opportunity and separate you from your money---that's what advertising is for better or worse, and every business opportunity on the internet employs the same tactics in order to draw in potential customers. Don't let this kind of stuff excite you into making an emotional decision that you'll probably regret, and on the flip side don't let this stuff turn you off to the point of not making the correct decision in terms of moving forward with the opportunity. In the final anaylsis, what matters is the core concept and if it truly makes the grade, sales hype notwithstanding. The core concept of EZ Wealth Network is the question as to why you're here.... The answer is forthcoming posthaste. I like to keep my reviews short and sweet and to the heart of the matter, in other words no nonsense---I trust you'll appreciate my brevity. I spent a good deal of time over at the website and the first thing that struck me was the cogent and beneficial, but not wordy audio presentation that gave a brief overview of the program... That is to say, they did a good job captivating the potential customer into hanging around and taking the next step in terms of actually reading the website and becoming a customer---that's half the battle. Naturally, my next step was reading the website many times over and digesting the concept to the best of my ability. What I appreciate about the website in terms of presentation was that it was very clear and straightforward, just like the audio. What I appreciate even more and more importantly is that the fundamental concept is sound i.e., blog marketing---it's the wave of the future if it isn't already. A little secret that you may not be aware of; search engine algorithms are becoming more and more content driven which dovetails perfectly into blog marketing, therefore the people who are positioning themselves now will be rewarded...The people who are relying on the old SEO techniques will soon be kicked to the curb---pardon the expression. Eventually all roads will lead thru content driven marketing and this company has the foresight to understand this hard fact, and by virtue of this understanding are positioning themselves for major prosperity. Perhaps you are wondering the why and wherefores behind the mechanics of content driven marketing of which this company codifies? Well, I'm not going to bore you to tears with all the intricacies, but what I can submit to you is that this company is tapping into a massive  and burgeoning traffic source that will lead to many sales conversions ---the name of the game! So long as they stay true to the seminal concept of content driven marketing this company will be successful and will certainly be a dynamite opportunity for one and all. Moreover, the genius and beauty of this opportunity is that they have made it extraordinarily easy to take advantage of...Meaning all you have to do is plug in as a sharer or as a blogger and let them and the content driven algorithms of the search engines take over from there... Remember, no online business can guarantee you riches (that's marketing hype) only the opportunity to gain riches, and for a modicum of money you can tap into this resource and have a great chance at making some darn good money and maybe even get rich---that's all you can ask of any legitimate online business opportunity. For those folks who are balking at the money that you'll have to invest to take advantage of this opportunity I frankly feel like you need to reconsider your reservations because it really doesn't get much better than this in terms investment on the internet---look around and do some research and you'll categorically see that I'm on solid ground. For those folks who are dug in, in terms of the "price too much" you really need to get off the internet and stay with your day job, because you're crazy if you don't think you'll have to spend some money to make money on the internet and that's a cold hard fact that you had better come to grips with for sure. Online marketing is a tough business and viable opportunities are few and far between in respect to making money online. When one comes along you've got to strike while the iron is hot because the internet moves at the speed of light nowadays. Therefore, if you are seriously considering this particular online money making opportunity I highly recommend this online business for the aforementioned reasons. The bottom line: Blog marketing, content driven marketing or however you want to say it is here to stay...Inasmuch as old SEO techniques are out; blog marketing techniques are that much in and are becoming more effective and salient by the pico second. The companies that embrace this notion will stand a great chance at being successful and EZ Wealth Network is one of the companies that will, and for those folks who are plugged into the network they'll have a great chance too.  Click here to go to the website... Pingates

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The great age of commentary is here. Here’s how to take advantage of it and make your blog distinguished and profitable.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
When I was growing up, America’s opinions were shaped
by a handful of influential people whose advice on any subject
under the sun (but usually national affairs and politics) could
be read, first, in newspapers… then heard on the radio and television.
These are great names, masters of pungent comments, wry humor,
intelligent observations,  and refined styles all their own. Here
is my (partial) Honor Roll… one could add many others, the
very best of the very best:
Westbrook Pegler of the United Press (died 1969).
H.L. Mencken of the Baltimore Sun (died 1956).
Edward R. Murrow of CBS (died 1965).
Walter Winchell of New York Daily Mirror (died 1972).
Paul Harvey of ABC (died 2009).
And now another name, destined for greatness and the prosperity
that generally accompanies it, can be added to the list:
I’m here, your advisor and friend, to assist your rise to global
eminence, as Internet blogger and meaningful commentator par excellence.
The Internet has made it possible to become such a commentator.
You now have a power, and at your fingertips too,  previously reserved to the few;
now available to anyone.
You are now able to comment on and draw forth the true meaning
of  events great and small, events of cosmic significance and the  little
secrets that someone (usually office holder or government official)
didn’t want anyone to know, thus motivating the commentator to be
sure to disclose.
Now you can be a new, soon to be important voice… a voice of humanity,
intelligence, stern admonitions and home truths, resoundingly delivered.
In short, you can be an unceasing engine for truth, justice, and the
improvement of mankind, in a style and with a spin all your own.
Here’s how to begin and prosper.
Most bloggers, think small, picayune, trivial. You cannot.
Their authors, that is, chew more than they  bite off. (Sadly, I cannot take credit
for this telling mot. Mrs. Henry Adams rendered this artful observation on the
ponderous American author Henry James. She later killed herself, but probably
not as a consequence of this remark.) Your view must be different, broad, cosmopolitan,
catholic in the best (non-sectarian) sense.
If you want an important blog, write on important subjects. This formula is
tried — and true.
Always talk directly to your readers.
The great commentators of any age and culture never address the world
en masse. They talk directly to you, as in a personal conversation between
someone with Something Important to say… and someone anxious to learn
it, all of it.
Use your blog to tell stores.
People need more than facts, assertions, and (worst of all) windy
pontifications to attract them, though this is what they get from most
blog writers.
People have always liked… and will always like… interesting tales. Great
communicators like Jesus, Gandhi, Franklin Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln
were expert at capturing the full attention of their audiences… and what’s
more, keeping it with stories with a beginning, middle, end.
Develop a format. Make it your signature.
All the great commentators, like the ones listed above, delivered their
comments in a certain, defined way which the folks who followed them
immediately recognized. You must do the same.
Enter into the lives of the people you are commenting on… and the
ones you are delivering your comments to.
The best commentators enter into the situations and conditions, nay
into the very skins and brains, of the people they are writing about.
This is what gives their comments an edge and credibility.
The goal of the great commentator is most assuredly not to
set up a card board effigy of the person he is writing about. That’s
unfair, inadequate, infra dig.
The objective, instead, is to show that you truly understand the
people and events you are writing about… then make your comments
about them, pungent, fair, honest, aphoristic accordingly.
This is not easy to do… but it is what great commentators do…
and which makes them irresistible to readers.
Avoid pedantry, but never the chance to instruct.
The purpose of a blog is NEVER to show how smart you are. It is
to inform, educate, edify and instruct your readers, all done with
the lightest, but always sure, touch. In short, it about enhancing
their smartness…never merely dazzling with your own.
Thus, don’t  use your blog as the opportunity to demonstrate how
clever and intelligent you are. Commentators are not, and always eschew the
opportunity to be, ponderous. That’s the role of too many professors from
the Academy. Such people do not flourish, in blogs or elsewhere,
because their readers flee andante.
You must capture and enthrall them, not as professors do by forcing
attendance, but by entrancements, the apt selection of topics, the
masterful presentation of what you have to tell… and the unique way
you present it.
Master the great information sources you will come to rely upon
to glean critical facts for your comments.
Read, on line now, the New York Times and  Washington Post,
to name but 2 key sources. These publications, soon to be history
because of the Internet, will inspire you with both facts and story
ideas. Scrutinize them closely.
Use too the Associated Press reports and those of UPI and Reuter’s.
They are crucial for providing both story ideas and the hard details
which give your commentaries backbone and grit.
Learn to master the art of searching the great search engines,
where the crucial supporting information is available whenever
you require it,which means whenever you want a comment
taut, never flaccid, girded by fact.
Use the Wikipedia, one of the greatest information sources ever. It is
a noble idea, essential to commentators, ever available. Bravissimo.
One last thing. Set your blog publishing schedule… and stick to it.
Your readers want, indeed insist upon, predictability and regular
delivery of your blog. Give it to them. If your publishing date is
each Thursday at 12 noon Eastern time… adhere to it, religiously.
“Punctuality,” as King Louis XVIII of France observed, “is the
courtesy of kings.”
Nowadays your readers are the sovereigns, each and every
one. Succeed with them… and your results and benefits, financial
and otherwise, are assured, abundantly so. These are your masters,
your audience. Treat them accordingly and soar.

Friday, April 20, 2012

What you need to know and do to be a GREAT blog publisher!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Have you noticed that blogs are popping up online everywhere? Yes, blogging is the phenomenon of the age. You just need to know how to profit from it. These suggestions will help.
1) Be clear on your objective.
The people who are successful with blogging, that is the people who are making money from it, all are very clear on what they are writing their blog to accomplish. If you’re writing a business blog your objective is crystal clear: you blog to profit and for no other reason.
Too many (particularly new) blogsters have mixed objectives. Sure, they want to make money but, perhaps even more (and dangerously) they write to get their share of the limelight.
Don’t make that mistake.
When you’re in business your blog exists for one reason and one reason only: to put money in your pocket, as quickly and substantially as possible.
2) Never forget the deal you have with your readers.
People who run successful (that is to say money-making) blogs never lose sight of the implicit deal they have with their readers, viz.
Publisher: I will email you information of value and consequence. I shall also send you (in the same issue) ad copy for your earnest and honest consideration.
Reader: So long as you email me superior copy, I shall do two important things: I will read this copy, and I shall also (at least ) glance at your ads.
This is the basis for a mutually satisfactory relationship.
3) Understand your role as a publisher.
Publishers become publishers for two major reasons: because they have something important to say and want to influence the world AND to make money. Thus in every issue you must offer superior content…and prospect-centered ad copy. The key here is keeping this equation balanced.
If you run nothing but superior content, your readers may be delighted… but you’ll make no money and, in short order, give up the enterprise.
If you run nothing but (or even too many) ads, your reader will immediately get bored…and punish you not just by trashing your current issue but trashing all future issues without even a glance.
Publishing, then, is all about balance.
4) Study the great publishers and their empire-building methods and procedures.
The minute you have a blog, you have become a publisher… and the minute you become a publisher you become a card-carrying member of the greatest professional association on earth: publishering. Now you are part of a grand tradition. Make it a point to understand what that means by studying the great practitioners of your business. This includes people like Gutenberg and his Bible (1455)… Canadian Lord Beaverbrook who seized English newspapers the better to manipulate ministries and imperial politics and his tenacious rival Viscount Rothermere… and the great publishing families of America whose names alone remind us of what publishers can do to generate wealth for themselves while shaping the course of a great nation starting with William Randolph Hearst…
The Taylors of Boston… the McCormicks of Chicago… the Chandlers of Los Angeles…. and their counterparts in every significant city on earth.
You, you!, are now one of their number, and I can tell you this about such people, they were all, to a person,
* big thinkers
* people who meant to shape events, not just witness them
* determined to have their point of view not just seen but dominant.
The small, the trivial, the inconsequential and insignificant had absolutely no place in their publications or their lives. These are the people, your professional ancestors, it behooves us all to study and emulate.
These were people of amazing, irrepressible energies and imaginations. They didn’t moan and groan about their “work”, the time it took, the sacrifices they had to make to do it. They were grateful for the opportunity to create vehicles of wealth and influence, thrilled to get up each and every day and set about their work, stamping the world with their mark… and eager, too.
Is this how you approach the business of your blog? If it isn’t, re-examine your reasons for creating and publishing a blog and once you have done so absorb these home truths about the business:
* Say something significant in every issue. We all want to “make a difference” with our lives. When you’re a with-it publisher, this is easy to do. Make it clear that yours is a blog designed to make this a better world; there is no higher calling than that.
* Always ask your readers to respond. “Bribe” them, if necessary, to do so… offer them something of value that induces them to respond quickly and meaningfully. Such people become your best customers.
* Publish to a schedule. The best way to blog is daily. If you aspire to significance and substantial rewards no other schedule should even be considered.
* Talk directly, frankly to your readers. Be for them what every great publisher must be: a candid, direct, honest to a fault advocate of humane and progressive change. Publishing, you see, is never merely about transmitting information; it is about seizing minds and changing lives… about throwing down gauntlets and taking up causes… and always informing, motivating, energizing, enthusing and transforming.
Make today the day you rethink and recreate your blog.
The most stimulating game on earth is influencing others and so shaping the world you want. This is the gift all (good) blog publishers get… but you get it if and only if you focus on providing people with blog posts of interest, significance, and value. Nothing less can or should be set before the most important people in your business life: your blog readers.
From now on, focus each day on what you want to share with them; what you know that can change and improve their lives… and how you will present it to them for maximum impact and long-lasting effect. They must see you for what you are: their great and valued friend and counselor, operating through and touching their lives in your blog.
When you are producing a blog of value and influence, your entire outlook on life shifts; no problem is too big, too oppressive, over powering: problems are merely challenges which you can help your readers surmount and conquer, one step at a time.
You see, publishing, all publishing, is about the business of improving lives. That is what publishers do; that is what you as a publisher must do… with your ever-improving and life-transforming blog the vehicle to hand. Do this and the golden benefits of blogging, not least the systematic and continuing improvement of lives, will all be yours.

Please Share This.Thank You.

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