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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What to Expect from an Online Moneymaking Opportunity

There is no limit to the number of online business opportunities right now. So many of them are vying for space out here on the Internet that it becomes difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, you don’t want to waste your time and money looking for the right opportunity. You have to be discerning here. The following are some things that you need to look for.
Get Hold of a Proven Method
Though there might be umpteen methods to make money online, the one you should choose is something that has been proven. Visit online discussion boards and use social networking groups to find people who have really made money online and see how they did that. Try to use those methods. You may choose something like an SEO business, for example, or an affiliate marketing business. These are things that people have really made money from.
You Need a Mentor
Everyone starts sometime, just as you are starting with your online business right now. That’s all right, but things will go much more smoothly for you if you are able to get hold of a mentor. Your mentor should be someone who is interested in Internet marketing and has already made money from it. Only such a person can coach you in the right methods and techniques that you can use to earn your wealth on the Internet.
What Tools Will You Use?
Internet marketing is a very huge term; it includes a lot of things. There are several tools and features that you can use to make money through the Internet. So, what tools is your chosen method going to use? Does it talk to you about SEO, about blogging and article marketing, about using social networking websites, about using autoresponders, about generating email lists, about product branding and purchasing resell rights? These are all the things that you should take a look at. Look at the technique of the thing. The most important thing is that you need to be convinced with what methodology they are planning to implement.
Are the Methods All Legit?
This is a very important thing to check. You don’t want to be part of a scam and get embroiled in a legal tussle for no fault of yours. Hence, when you are choosing a method on the Internet, don’t be swayed by those get-rich-quick schemes that sound too good to be true. Most times, they are illegal and can get you in trouble. Also, when you are using methods to promote your business on the Internet, stay on the legitimate side. For instance, when using SEO, try to make sure that you use one of the white hat methods. These are some of the basic things that you have to bear in mind when you are trying to choose any opportunity to make money online. An important ingredient is, of course, the right education. There are many fantastic ecourses available right now that you can take advantage of. It is always good sense to attend a good SEO course, because this is what becoming popular on the Internet is all about.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

‘Gonna get along without ya now.’ The words no CEO ever wants to hear…and what you must do to make sure you never do.

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Author’s program note. In 1952 Teresa Brewer sang a peppy little ditty called “Gonna get along without ya now.” It was bubble gum music, all bobby socks and pony tails. Sweet sixteen though it was, its lyrics perfect for the soda shop, there was yet a salient point here that none of us can ever forget. We are all expendable, replaceable, just a movable part in any organization. It is a sobering thought for any person, but it’s vital every CEO of every organization not only understand this essential truth, but build his administration on it and rule accordingly.
Before reading the rest of this article, go to any search engine and find this tale of comeuppance warbled by Ms. Brewer. Carefully read its lyrics, including this unforgettable couplet:
“Got along without ya before I met ya Gonna get along without ya now.”
What a CEO is and what a CEO must do… crucial aspects of the job you never learn at Harvard Business School.
For the last almost 20 years now, I have been a CEO, specifically CEO of, which began its life in 1994 as an Internet hosting company, expanding since then into providing complete Web traffic and online services, tools for every kind of business organization. Let me be perfectly candid with you; the daily education I’ve had over the past two decades has been not only practical, exhaustive and timely, but hands-on and never-ending, as must inevitably be any training and instruction about e-matters.
The necessary training has included, but was never just limited to matters fiduciary, legal, product development, marketing, and sales. But the most important instruction of all has been what I’ve learned about handling people; in this case the other partners, employees, our unique online monitors, and, always, our customers worldwide for together these far-flung people constitute the vital essence of our business… as such people will constitute the vital essence of yours. Just how you handle them will determine not only the degree of success delivered by your administration but whether you will be allowed to keep your lofty position at all.
My father’s insight.
My father, Donald Marshall Lant, spent almost all his life in business managerial positions. As a result he came to develop a keen understanding of why some executives rise, whilst others stumble, fall, and pass as a matter of course into oblivion.
As sharp as a tack at age 86, he is still adamant on a significant point he insisted my siblings and I understand, a principle not only for business success but also for living the best lived life: “Learn to manage people,” he insisted, “and you can achieve anything.” Right as rain here as elsewhere, he reminded us (particularly at such moments when we seemed to have forgotten) of this crucial adage; at these times he also taught us clear, practical and field-tested admonitions, tactics, and the wisdom that only comes from experience.
Now, here, I am enriching you with as many of these people management insights as the space allows.
1) Know their names.
The first rule for successful CEOs is to know the names of the people, ALL the people, who are part of your patrimony. People like to know that you, Poobah of the Western Isles, know them…. and their names.
Hint: Make up flash cards with the names of people associated with the enterprise you head. This is a superb way to turn “scrap” time into stronger relations with your people.  2) Use them.
This ought to be self evident to every CEO; yet how many of you wonder whether your CEO knows you even exist, much less your name?
3) Know their families.
Family and all its elements are most important to the people most important to you. Make it a point to get the names of spouse and children. And when you’ve congratulated their proud mama or papa, send this intelligence to them, so that they understand just how valued their parent is and how essential their services to you.
4) Contact them when they’re ill.
This is a biggie. When those connected with your enterprise fall ill, each wonders whether this will adversely affect their relationship with you and their job. By calling and visiting you reassure them at a difficult time. And, remember, while sending flowers and a fruit basket is nice; they want to hear from YOU!
5) Pop up at their work stations… and never come empty-handed.
Do you know every nook and cranny, every department and project of the company you head? If not master the elements of your enterprise by stopping by the various work stations which constitute the parts of your empire. And never, ever go empty- handed. Bring gifts, gift certificates, checks. Remember, you are the deliverer of the loaves and fishes. Act like it.
6) Share your (particularly edible) gifts and treats.
CEOs by virtue of their high office gets lots of presents. Share these with some of the hard working folks in your business. They will never forget the gesture, your kindness and thoughtfulness. These are the memories that they’ll remember forever… and the person who made it happen — you.
7) Praise and congratulate… and (get the drift?) never come empty-handed.
No one is better placed in your organization to give plaudits and kudos than you are. Thus because you can, you must. Within your company you are, like the sovereign of England in hers, the Fountain of Honor. It is an evocative image, an image of liberality, giving, and above all the empathy that should epitomize your administration.
8) Make impromptu invitations.
No particular plans for lunch today? Great! Select two or three of the essential people in your organization and invite them to share tuna fish sandwiches with you. Make it clear it’s a chance to get better acquainted and to share their views and informed opinions with you. You’ll soon grow addicted to these “come as you are” events, making friend after friend, supporter after supporter.
9) Deliver promotions, raises and bonuses personally.
When the news is good, make yourself its Mercury. When was the last time you saw your CEO deliver even the best of news? Exactly. That’s why when you get to the top of the corporate tree, you’ll perform this task yourself… and gladly.
10) Implement at least one of these recommendations every day you wish to remain CEO, or advance from your present position. Don’t miss a single day or opportunity. If you do that, Teresa Brewer will have a very different song to sing, for they can’t get along without you now. Boom Boom Boom Boom.

What to do before you leave your office… that ensures business tomorrow!

Bushed? Had a long day? On your way out
the door for a little liquid refreshment and some
R & R?
Not so fast! You’ve got tomorrow’s business to
think about today and some crucial tasks to
perform before you leave. Whether you do them
and how you do them determines just how
successful tomorrow will be.
1) Report to customers with pressing concerns
Like everyone in business, you have certain
high-ranking customers… certain high maintenance
customers… and those who are both. Before you
leave today, call and bring them up-to-date on
their affairs.
Can’t reach them right away? Leave a detailed
message. Make it as positive and soothing as you
can. Make it clear that you are on their case
doing your best.
2) Try to connect with that elusive prospect yet again.
Have you been trying to reach that will-of-the-wisp prospect?
Try again right now. Successful people work longer
and harder than the average.  Show this prospect
just how enthusiastic and interested you are. Call
them again now; e-mail if you fail to connect by
phone. People like to work with eager beavers.
This extra effort on your part indicates you are
one of the best.
3) Send an e-mail that will generate leads and
An excellent time to e-mail your prospects is
on your way out the door. Why? Because it’ll
produce for you while you’re doing other things.
Want to return in the morning to a handful of
prospect leads and sales? E-mailing before you
leave will deliver… especially if you make a
particularly good offer for immediate response.
4) Update your telephone answering machine
Most people never think of their answering
machine message as a marketing communication…
but it is. Keep yours up-to-date with a spiffiIng
offer… an offer that gets the prospect to stop
in his tracks, listen… and call to hear it again
and respond.
Whatever you’ve got that prospects will see,
listen and respond to is marketing… and thus
needs your focused consideration and an
offer that motivates.
5) Mend a fence
Everybody has one business (or personal)
relationship that could be sunnier. Don’t leave
your office today until you’ve e-mailed a
friendly message that mends a fence. Make
it short, sweet, upbeat. Don’t rehash the
past; make your message forward looking and,
above all, positive. Do this even if you’re the
aggrieved party. Secure the future by
graciousness now.
6) Revive a languishing proposal
Every proposal that one makes in business
isn’t going to secure a positive response. Some
will wilt. Use the time before you leave to see
whether you can revive at least one.
Make this note short, positive…. forward
looking. Ask whether there has been any further
update since you were last in touch. Suggest a
meeting, in person or on the phone.  In short,
let the person you’re contacting understand that
you are ready, willing and able to help them out!
One More Thing: Look in the mirror and SMILE!
Ok, you’re a little more tired than you were…
but what matters that compared to the successful
day you’ve had… and the even more successful
day you’ve positioned for tomorrow?
In short, smile. You’re a go-getter, someone smart
in the ways of business and human relations.  When
you return tomorrow after such an ending today,
you’ll see just how much that means towards your
bottom line. Ole!

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