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Monday, September 3, 2012

Internet Business 101:Don't put all your Golden Eggs in One Basket!

There’s a businessman that said and attested that the very first step you must take in creating multiple streams of income is to assess or evaluate your resources. Start by assessing your self first. Jot down your answers to the following questions: What are the talents, abilities, strength and gears that you possess? Are you gifted with exceptional and creative writing abilities? Can you do well at sales? Are you great in communicating with individuals? Are you born with an artistic skill or unique capability that other people today do not have? By way of this, you may figure out the kind of enterprise where can possibly excel.
Next, look around and write down you assets and physical resources like pc, color printer, scanner, digital camera, cell phone, CD or DVD burner. Write these all down due to the fact it might be employed as a resource. Look at also your friends and family. Come across out what do they possess that you have access to. Remember that no man is an island. You are able to use the talents, abilities, knowledge and resources of everyone you know.
In affiliate marketing, you may make cash by promoting and reselling your affiliate products and by recruiting new affiliates. What’s good about this is that you can discover widest array of training materials that may improve your marketing abilities. In affiliate marketing, you are able to be positive that you can find genuine products to promote and sell and there is real income to make.
Either part time or full time, being an affiliate marketer is an great way to create multiple income streams by indicates of promoting products and services from web merchants. Here, you are able to get affiliate commission with out investing big bucks in making your own product and without worrying about book keeping, customer support and ecommerce. All you have to do is to promote and resell the products and services inside your web page and pass on possible customer’s the merchant’s web site.
Lastly, just remember the adage that says “Don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket.” So that if 1 of them is lost, it is possible to still have some to make omelets. And what do these eggs have to do with multiple streams of affiliate income? Well, it goes without saying that the much more streams of income you possess, the bigger and better your cash lake becomes. Pingates

Branding in the Marketplace...Don't take it Lightly.

Probably you have noticed that there are numerous companies competing for a single service. For instance, in athletic shoes alone, you will be able to count more than ten competitors. In the airline industry, there exist more than ten competitors in providing air travel services for travellers both inside and outside the United Kingdom.
By what method will you define one competitor from another competitor? this is where branding comes into action. In fact, that is one of the important yet unappreciated aspects of Internet marketing.
Before you will be able to understand the goal of branding on Internet marketing, let us first discuss the branding on conventional conduct of business. It is an advertising method that is used to spot the products or services of a seller or a group of sellers and differentiate it from those of other sellers offering the likewise products or services. Establishing a brand name for your own products or services will help you achieve the following:
1. Deliver the point clearly to the public about your reason of marketing your products or services;
2. Validate your credibility as an independent and reputable seller;
3. Stimulate your purchaser to patronize your products or services; and
4. Construct a concrete and loyal customer base.
In other words, the goal of branding is to give your products or services its own distinctiveness apart from other sellers offering the likewise products or services. You will only succeed in the investment you are into if you have established yourself as an independent and reputable seller through branding.
What are the ramifications of branding in your investment?
The brand of your products or services will rest among the hearts and minds of your customers and future clients. this will sway the way they patronize your products or services that can even result in the expansion of your customer base.
It is what the people will recollect about you. For instance, you have branded your pet products as “Pet Lovers”. Once the brand name is consistently patronized by the people, you will be able to achieve success and your lines will really have an edge above unbranded items.
As previously mentioned, branding is one of the most essential yet the most unappreciated aspects of Internet marketing, especially in terms of web advertising. Since nearly all advertising programs are focused on click-through rates (since it is the basis of earning through online-based affiliate programs), Internet marketers often neglect the significance of branding in terms of Internet marketing. This is somewhat unfortunate since the success of Internet marketing is additionally dependent on branding awareness. In other words, branding is essential in promoting the brand of the product or services of the affiliate. Without branding, there is no sense that the product or services you are endorsing will be in demand to your customers.
Keep in mind that your goal here is to earn money and not to lose any penny. Thus, it would be better if you will invest on branding-based Internet marketing. It is easy to promote products and services that are already famous to the public rather than unbranded ones.
However, you may additionally help building brand awareness of not well-known products or services that will help a lot in executing your online advertising successful. Here are a few of the strategies that you can use:
1. You may think of a brand name that will suit to the products or services of your customers. Such brand name should not be too formal yet too lousy to the eyes and ears of your customers. You may consist of interesting words that will produce the required “twist” to the name of the product or service.
2. Since a brand name is an intellectual property, you need to check with the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) if the brand name is already taken by somebody else. Once the selected brand name is still available, you will be able to apply for the registered patent of that brand name.
3. Once the patent has been approved, you want to consistently advertise the name so that it will improve popularity with prospective clients. You may additionally suggest to the merchants that the brand name needs to be advertised through various affiliate programs through the net for greater visibility.
Branding must not be taken for granted. It is one of the factors that will help you achieve success in Internet marketing. Keep it as your goal and stick with it along the course of your investment. Pingates

Monday, April 30, 2012

Don’t make the crucial customer disservice error Hale Groves is making. Pay attention! This article can save you thousands and a lot of customers, too.

By Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Author’s program note. Have you heard of a citrus company called Hale Groves of Vero Beach, Florida? If not, you must be living in a cave. Their marketing is everywhere and in all places, online and off. They’re spending the ransoms of two or three kings on it.
But the poobahs who run the place have made at least one crucial mistake: they haven’t tried to order their product…. and as I am here to tell you, the order takers they’ve got are most assuredly NOT in sync with the hot-shots in the marketing department. In other words, if it is not actually impossible to order some of their tasty product, it is very close to it.
That’s why I’m using as today’s incidental music The Supreme’s great tune “You keep me hanging on” because that’s what the folks at Hale Groves have done to me… each and every time I’ve ordered. You’ll find this1966 hit in any search engine. You can play it while you’re on hold…
Still, let’s get into the right mood for this situation… and what Hale Groves and every other dysfunctional marketing machine needs to do before they irritate too many more of the most important people on earth — good paying customers like me!
The facts.
My family has been buying from Hale Groves for decades… and no wonder. I grew up in the snow belt they call Illinois… I went to college in the snow belt they call Massachusetts… and when I graduated… having had insufficient punishment from snow, sleet, ice and attendant miseries, I stayed on in the very same snow belt that snuffed the Pilgrims.
One of the things that made it all bearable was Hale Groves and the utterly delectable citrus… and, of course, I love getting the free citrus spoons, too. I have a drawer full of them.
The Hale Groves shuffle.
I like to place my citrus orders, indeed all orders, by telephone. Like a good citizen, I have my credit card out… and the special offer I want; the offer I am sure the order taker will want to make sure I get. Like most Americans I order when deals are good and pass when deals are not. But the great thing about Hale Groves is that they always have an offer… and I am always pleased to consider it. I am a citrus freak…. and pink grapefruit are guaranteed to brighten any day or palate, especially when the temperature is below zero and I curse the day I heard of Harvard and a frigid place named Cambridge.
Order I would, if order I could.
The citrus season begins November 1, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Hale Groves will have a special offer in your hand, an offer so good you wouldn’t think of missing it. I want to see that offer… I want to take advantage of that offer IF Hale Groves will let me… for that is by no means a sure thing.
Because memory is imperfect, as I dial the number I find my last run-in with them is not the first thing in mind; instead I am tasting in my imagination their citrus perfection… but first I must pay my dues by holding. It is a rule.
Like all good Americans I hate holding…. not just hate it but despise and disdain it. I’d like a choice… hold forever or allow them to call me back in (so many minutes); techies can easily tell them how many: “Your call will be returned in 7.5 minutes sharp.”
Okay, I’m on hold… and second by second I am working up a good head of steam, the better to craft a snide comment that they well and truly deserve. I mean, I don’t begin to have the available time I have to wait for a competent order taker to emerge and assist me. Who does?
But my torments have not even begun…
Codes. Colors. Confusion. Choler.
“I’d like to place an order from a mailing I just received.” These are the words I am hoping I don’t soon regret.
“Do you have the offer there in front of you?”
I do… and I say so proudly, even defiantly because I am hopeful history is not about to repeat itself.
But we are, the order taker and I, about to enter the twilight zone in which the order I want to place… is the order the order taker cannot seem to take. And so The Rigmarole of ordering from Hale Groves well and truly begins, to the growing irritation of both parties.
“Sir, please give me the special order code.”
Code, code, find the code.
I have an envelope full of Hale Groves propaganda… colorful brochures… a special letter from their president extolling their many virtues… I do not see and cannot find a code… and what’s worse the order taker cannot direct me by uttering such reassuring words as “you’ll find the code in big red letters at the top of page 1.” Such essential words, calming to both parties, neither of us can find… and this is what that means.
It means some bright folks in the marketing department have not tried to order the product themselves… and have certainly never bothered to train the hapless order takers who are about to feel the sharp lash of my tongue because no one knows who’s on first and where to find that flippin’ code.
And so we sink into muddle, mayhem, a disordered morass. If this were a dance it would be a tango… and that for an order process is completely unacceptable.
Finally, I say what I should have said at the first sign of trouble. “Why don’t you take down my telephone number and call me when you’ve discovered where the code is?’ But my tenacious order taker won’t let go, won’t do the sensible thing and will not proceed with the matter of doing what we both want: placing the order. In other words getting that code, no matter that neither she nor I could find it, had become more important than satisfying the customer. And that’s why this order “process” is such a mess.
But it got even worse…
The order taker, unable to direct me to the code, put me on extended hold while she quizzed her colleagues about the location of that code. No one knew, which meant no one had thought it useful to instruct them on this matter… and so while I smoldered they, with every passing minute, proved that the one hand in marketing didn’t know and hadn’t bothered to advise the other in the order department, thereby generating bad feelings instead of the satisfied customer both parties wanted.
Again, I advised the clueless order taker to take my number and call me back when she was organized and ready. But the poor woman had been instructed, perhaps with severity, to get the code upon pain of death. And she could not, would not get beyond this trifling matter… and so the matter ended in stand-off, no order, no business, and no future.
Hale Groves will now bombard me for years with sales messages and tempting offers, too, too little, too late. For I have now discovered an excellent product from Del Monte, Red Grapefruit, SunFresh. No hassle. No waiting. Already peeled. And no need to deal with the misnamed order takers at Hale who, when needed, could not have been less ready. Which is why I suggest you try to order what you sell. It could well be your weakest link. Oh, yes, and call me to finish my order.
*** Your response to this article is requested. What do you think? Let us know by posting your comments below.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What to do before you leave your office… that ensures business tomorrow!

Bushed? Had a long day? On your way out
the door for a little liquid refreshment and some
R & R?
Not so fast! You’ve got tomorrow’s business to
think about today and some crucial tasks to
perform before you leave. Whether you do them
and how you do them determines just how
successful tomorrow will be.
1) Report to customers with pressing concerns
Like everyone in business, you have certain
high-ranking customers… certain high maintenance
customers… and those who are both. Before you
leave today, call and bring them up-to-date on
their affairs.
Can’t reach them right away? Leave a detailed
message. Make it as positive and soothing as you
can. Make it clear that you are on their case
doing your best.
2) Try to connect with that elusive prospect yet again.
Have you been trying to reach that will-of-the-wisp prospect?
Try again right now. Successful people work longer
and harder than the average.  Show this prospect
just how enthusiastic and interested you are. Call
them again now; e-mail if you fail to connect by
phone. People like to work with eager beavers.
This extra effort on your part indicates you are
one of the best.
3) Send an e-mail that will generate leads and
An excellent time to e-mail your prospects is
on your way out the door. Why? Because it’ll
produce for you while you’re doing other things.
Want to return in the morning to a handful of
prospect leads and sales? E-mailing before you
leave will deliver… especially if you make a
particularly good offer for immediate response.
4) Update your telephone answering machine
Most people never think of their answering
machine message as a marketing communication…
but it is. Keep yours up-to-date with a spiffiIng
offer… an offer that gets the prospect to stop
in his tracks, listen… and call to hear it again
and respond.
Whatever you’ve got that prospects will see,
listen and respond to is marketing… and thus
needs your focused consideration and an
offer that motivates.
5) Mend a fence
Everybody has one business (or personal)
relationship that could be sunnier. Don’t leave
your office today until you’ve e-mailed a
friendly message that mends a fence. Make
it short, sweet, upbeat. Don’t rehash the
past; make your message forward looking and,
above all, positive. Do this even if you’re the
aggrieved party. Secure the future by
graciousness now.
6) Revive a languishing proposal
Every proposal that one makes in business
isn’t going to secure a positive response. Some
will wilt. Use the time before you leave to see
whether you can revive at least one.
Make this note short, positive…. forward
looking. Ask whether there has been any further
update since you were last in touch. Suggest a
meeting, in person or on the phone.  In short,
let the person you’re contacting understand that
you are ready, willing and able to help them out!
One More Thing: Look in the mirror and SMILE!
Ok, you’re a little more tired than you were…
but what matters that compared to the successful
day you’ve had… and the even more successful
day you’ve positioned for tomorrow?
In short, smile. You’re a go-getter, someone smart
in the ways of business and human relations.  When
you return tomorrow after such an ending today,
you’ll see just how much that means towards your
bottom line. Ole!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Friday, March 2, 2012

100% sales. The ‘must read’ for business people who want more money and want it NOW!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Author’s program note. I have the inestimable privilege of training some of the brightest business people on earth… people of wit, intelligence, good humor… and a fierce determination to be successful, climbing the greasy pole, making more money, and living just the way they want. I find this work enthralling, exhilarating… and (I’ll admit it) frequently frustrating… as I watch even the best and the brightest muff it.
And so, today, I am writing about the one essential thing these fine folks — and that now includes YOU — must do every single minute of every single day that you want more money. For, let’s not kid ourselves… if you understand this crucial article and follow its directives… you are going to make more money, lots more, and leave your lackadaisical and languid colleagues in the dust. And won’t that be sweet?
To put you in the mood for my insistent message, I have selected a dance number that once made you gyrate and awe… “I Want Your Love” by a group named Chic. It hit the charts in 1978, and it made its point early and often:
“I want your love. I want your love. I want your love. I want your love.”
In other words, they kept on message, driving home the point of their endeavors until even the most mentally challenged “got it”. As a teacher with a sledgehammer, repetitive delivery, I like that… I like it a lot.
And so to set the stage for what follows, look this tune up in any search engine now and move that overweight, arthritic body; because you’re about to recapture your alluring youth… and be the person who got what you wanted, oh yeah!
Painful, so painful.
It happened again yesterday… and it gets me, right in the solar plexus, each and every time I see this fundamental error. The sales person I was training was operating solo. In other words, they had progressed sufficiently far in their instruction to where they get to fly all alone. I am there, of course; I am always there… but I try to remain as silent as the grave and unobtrusive so that I am seeing the student and just the student. And make no mistake about it… this situation (as every parent knows) can make you as nervous and frustrated as all get out.
Lights, camera… think!
Picture the scene. All parties are on the ‘net. I am present in my video box, the student is in his… and the “real life” prospect enters… like a bull at a corrida. Everything happens in real time…. and has real world implications, for good… or for ill.
Ok… the student (and, remember, my students are established business people, not wet-behind-the-ears kids) goes into closing mode. This starts by greeting each and every prospect by name; then asking each prospect to watch a 20-minute video packed with the vital data that both excites the prospect and instructs her.
These steps are crucial… and the students know I am a stickler for ensuring that they occur. In other words, make SURE the prospect has the critical facts before any further action can occur.
The prospect is prepped… are you?
“As soon as you’ve finished the video, return to me for a spectacular one-time-only offer.”
These words usher in the next phase of the operation. We make it clear what must be done (watch video) and what is coming thereafter (spectacular offer). So far… so good.
Close but no cigar.
The first mistake the students make is to present the offer before the prospect has been adequately prepped. This is a critical error. Prospects must have the necessary facts… or they end up asking a ton of unnecessary questions; questions which have already been answered — and in precise, clear detail, too — in the video.
The video, the whole video, nothing but the video.
As soon as you have confirmed that the prospect has watched the ENTIRE video, proceed to the “Big rock candy mountain,” your scintillating offer. It IS scintillating, isn’t it? For if it doesn’t snap, crackle, and pop you’ve just thrown away a sale. Sales occur because the offer sizzles, excites, is just too thrilling to decline. You ARE making such an offer, I trust. And if you’re not, you’d better make its improvement “Action this day,” which is what Winston Churchill did when as Prime Minister of England he demanded instant attention and RESULTS.
And now… the critical moment that turns you into a master… and puts another sale in your pocket: 100% sales.
To remain an average closer, keep doing what you’re doing.But to fly high as one of the world’s sales masters you must set the desired goal… then do everything possible, everything necessary to achieve it.
That is… 100% sales.
Is this what you do?
Make your objective immediately clear to the prospect: “I want you to get the benefits of this widget… and I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen.” Don’t just say these words… mean them. Because once the prospect knows you’re serious, they can be serious too, working with you for fastest, most complete mutual advantage.
At this moment, the prospect may well start back peddling saying things like this:
“I don’t have any money.”
“I can’t do it today.”
“I need to tell the little woman. We’re a team.”
And so forth. Your job is to thrust these obstacles out of the way and CLOSE THAT DEAL.
To do this, you must remind yourself AT ALL TIMES that you have a 100% closing goal… and that you are going to make this close. If the prospect stalls or blocks you, keep things going by asking for the prospect’s undivided attention and for an all- important OPEN mind. Make sure the prospect understands what the offer is…. and if necessary improve it; always making it clear that this offer expires the second the prospect leaves. In other words, there is a premium for staying, working things out, but irrevocable loss if they won’t.
Now, gun it.
Keep in mind at all times, with the terrific offer you are making, the prospect will be better off… if… and only if… they take immediate action. It is your job to drive this home NOW… making it abundantly clear that action now is the only sensible course.
Do this, and do it with enthusiasm, gusto, and good humor, and you will not only want that sale… you will get it! For as Chic sang, “a better love you won’t find today…” or a better offer either.
*** What do you think? We invite you to post your comments below.

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